The Mini B Experience

The Red Sea offers some of the best snorkelling in the world.

At Oceans Red Sea we want you to experience the best that these clear warm waters have to offer and find out about the fabulous coral and marine life. Our professionally qualified guides on our Classic Oceans trips help you master the skills needed to have a fantastic experience whilst snorkelling but...

...fancy seeing a whole lot more? We're constantly being asked if we can show you more of the wonders of the Red Sea without having to do a full diving course and we've found the perfect solution - The Mini B Experience!

The Mini B Experience

What is the Mini B Experience?

Mini B stands for Mini Breather. It's a small, lightweight and simple to use unit that allows you to breathe underwater. Imagine a rucksack with air inside and you've got it!

At all times you'll be accompanied by one of our professionally qualified instructors ensuring you gain the most from this magical experience. Mini B makes breathing underwater easy and fun and opens up a whole new world of colour.

Fancy a go? Just ask one of the Oceans team on board your boat. The Experience is extra and paid for on board.

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